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Friday, May 20, 2011

Boser's Tweetbeat :: May 20th, 2011

Like many fantasy football writers, I’ve grown weary of stretching for moderately (at best) useful nuggets during the lockout. I’m in this game to dissect news, not create it. We’ve reached the point where we’re officially going in circles. Kevin Kolb looks like he may be headed to Arizona.
Been there. Matthew Stafford’s looking good in shorts. Done that.

Sure, the draft made for exciting fodder, but we news-hungry writers chewed up and spit out
rookie speculation within 24 hours of its completion. Many are attempting to put new spins on heavily-regurgitated analysis, but frankly, nothing’s significantly changed since April 30th...

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A Glimmer of Hope in Kyrie Irving

I'll try to keep this short, as there's a 75 percent chance this article will be a waste of my time. In fact, most remaining Timberwolves fans will tell you that, although it's not mathematically sound logic, there's a 100% chance that this is a pointless exercise.

The Wolves' horrid NBA Lottery luck is well-documented, dating back to 1992, when the Wolves entered the lottery with the league's worst record and left with the third pick. Superstar centers Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning, they of a combined 22 All Star games, would go 1-2. The Wolves were forced to settle for Beverly Hills 90210's Christian Laettner.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boser's Tweetbeat :: May 5th, 2011

Before I’d even cracked my second beer last Thursday night, the speculation was already swirling—how would the NFL’s newest employees impact fantasy football? Wait, are they employees? A non-unionized workforce? Icons? Conversationalists? Slaves? Screw it, I can’t keep up..

Now that fantasy geeks have had a week to let the fresh meat marinate, here’s what they’re saying...

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NFL Draft: Live from Winter Park

Like many purple faithful, I snuck out of work a bit early this afternoon to take in the Miller Lite Vikings Draft Party at Winter Park.

The roller coaster of emotions ultimately ended in confusion—nobody saw it playing out like this.

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